Incident Crisis Management

Dark Halo Global, LLC possess vast expertise in the employment and instruction of Crisis Management techniques.

Insider Threat

It is imperative that organizations protect their proprietary information and intellectual property in order to succeed and survive.


We deliver full-spectrum cyber capabilities and cyber resilient systems to our defense, intelligence community and global security customers.

Actionable Intelligence

Today’s social media landscape represents one of the most dynamic, unstructured, and unregulated datasets globally.

Global Risk Advisory

We provide global investigation, business intelligence, due diligence and risk advisory services in numerous countries worldwide.

Preparedness & Prevention

The best prevention is to be prepared but many organizations give “lip service” to training and preparation for their employees.

Special Projects Division.

Dark Halo Global, LLC provides Special Operations Forces (SOF), specialized military, intelligence and law enforcement units with training specific to the operational needs associated with a government/country internal or external conflicts. We have partnered with some of the most experienced and advanced land, air, and sea warfare instructors in the world. This training can be tailored to very specific requirements and/or operational needs and can be conducted at a client location or at a secure offsite location.

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals coming from diverse backgrounds of expertise and offers unique abilities of intelligence collection


Dark Halo Global, LLC provides a myriad of advanced and practical security and intelligence driven solutions tailored to the needs of our client. We work with governments around the world, global corporations, individual business owners, large and small scale franchises, international travelers and those government and non-government entities that desire discreet investigations.

Our team consists of highly experienced individuals from diverse, multi-national backgrounds of expertise representing all branches of military, various intelligence organizations, and international law enforcement organizations from around the world.

Dark Halo Global offers training and support to law enforcement, military and intelligence organizations globally. We understand global security and the need for best practices and that our clients demand professional discretion and accurate results. We are committed to providing the highest level of expertise to every security requirement.